Age spots and how to tackle them

Age spots and how to tackle them

Age spots are a nuisance, a real tell tale sign of your time on this earth. Apart from smearing makeup all over them, it’s possible to diminish them a little. The approach you take depends on the severity of the problem and the area of skin you are treating.

Creams and lotions are available for ages spots and what you need is Hydroquinone for this job. It’s tough stuff however according to webMD, so you could consider kojic acid, alpha-arbutin, licorice extract, and vitamin C as alternatives that work well on age spots.

Aside from focussing on the spots themselves you could opt for brightening the entire area of skin. Special creams are available for this, that are vitamin C enriched. If you combine an overall brightening with spot treatment you will create a younger looking complexion overal.

Retinol cream works too as it hits hyperpigmentation and speeds up cell replacement. Put suncream on daily and retinol cream at night and you can actually slow down the development of age spots.

If you want to come down heavy on age spots you could go for a booster. These are actually lightening products with exfoliators, but you need to use with caution as they contain substances like salicylic acid.

Think too about where the age spots are. If they are on the delicate skin of the neck or close to the eyes you need to make sure you won’t damage the skin too much by the form of treatment you use. There’s n point to remove the spots and replace them with wrinkles in the long run.

As if fighting wrinkles was not enough, we need to handle those tell tale spots too. Get your vit C on the go and keep the sun off your face as much as possible and you are already half way there.

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