Beauty care after party fun

Beauty care after party fun

Looking your best at a party is the easy bit, looking presentable afterwards is a little trickier, especially if you need to turn up for work the next day. Shaking the post party look is a challenge for any girl.

There is really nothing as disheartening as the mirror after a party night. Your head is full of fun memories, yet the work that needs to be done is staring you in the face. You can minimise the after party look however and emerge looking a good deal better the next day. It just takes a few clever, pre-emptive actions.

The work actually starts when you get home from wherever you have been, in your kitchen. Drink at least a pint of water before going upstairs to bed. This will help your skin, hair and under eye area. As an added bonus, your head will benefit if you have sipped one too many drinks that night.

Having invested in a good makeup remover, ensure that every last morsel of it is removed. You can even make the right makeup choices in advance, by buying ones that are not too difficult to remove. Long-wear, water resistant and the like can be tricky to get off, so try and choose mineral based products. These are better for the skin and you can remove them without straining your skin so much.

Having cleansed thoroughly, splash cold water on your face. This will close up the pores and help to keep your skin cleaner.

After making everything completely clean, slap on the moisturiser. This way you give your skin a chance to re-hydrate whilst you sleep. Then get some beauty sleep.

The next morning, begin with a large bowl of fruit and get some cucumbers on those eyes. Have a face pack at the ready and give your skin ten minutes of time with it. Next step is the shower to get the rest of yourself freshened up and ready to go.

Granted it’s a little more time, and not what you feel like after a night out. When you emerge unscathed and looking pretty ok despite the party however, you will be glad you took the time. In fact, you could be the envy of the office next day.

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