Beauty tips for when you are tired

Beauty tips for when you are tired

When you are tired you don’t look as good as you can, and that can be a bit of a problem if you need to look your best for some reason. Here are a few hacks that will help to relieve a tired appearance and help you look a little livelier.

There are a few easy ways to fool the world and even yourself that you are a little less tired than you are. They say appearances are everything, and with a few tricks you can take control on those days when there was not enough sleep the night before. The first handy little hint when you are looking a bit tired is to whip out the eyelash curlers. By bringing the eyelashes up, you can actually make the eye appear larger and a bit more open. More open eyes means a less sleepy look and that’s just what you are after.

The next trick is to line the eyes. To look awake, you need to go two or even three tone for this one. Put a dark colour under your eyes and line the top eyelid with a bright colour, like turquoise. The result will be that you reduce the darkness under your eyes and make the whites look a little brighter. Then bring a nude coloured liner along the inside of your lower lid. This will counteract any redness there.

Finish with the eyebrows by defining them and sweeping them upwards. Using an eyebrow pencil and brush, add a little colour and shape to your brows. This will make you look less tired and frame your face in a way that detracts attention from the sleepy eyes below.

Even out your skin and remove blotchiness too with a little bit of foundation. This does not have to be heavy in tone, just something that evens out the colour on your face. You would be amazed at what this does to refresh your look.

So, without a concealer in sight, you are on the way to looking less tired. The great news is you do so by simply putting on your makeup – but in a clever way.

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