Concealing under eye bags

Concealing under eye bags

Under eye bags are a nuisance and they are not going to go away in time for you to get ready for a night out. What you need to do is find a good way to conceal them.

If you want to conceal under eye bags, there are a few steps that you can take. Byrdie outlines what you need to do to cover them up.

Firstly, get the right concealer, both for your skin type and for your skin colour. You need to go one shade lighter than your skin as you are trying to lighten this darkened area. In addition, you don’t want to pile on the concealer or it will clog up under your eyes, so getting the right tone is important. That way you can lighten without the need to apply too much and therefore achieve a more natural look.

What you also need in your tool kit for cover under eye bags is a small brush. Using this, dab the concealer over dark areas, beginning at the bridge of your nose. You will notice that there is a little hollow area in the inner corner of your eye. This gets quite dark, especially when you are tired. Begin here and follow the darkened area all the way around your eye.

Next, it’s time to blend, but first of all, apply some dots of concealer around the area underneath the darkest part of your undereye. Start at the inner corner again and move outside. When it comes to blending, you don’t drage the skin, but use your finger to dap it in. Press gently until everything is fully blended. Blend up and out to soften any edges.

It’s a little more work that you might have thought, but when you see the effect of hiding the under eye bags, it will be worth it, so get concealing and revitalise your makeup routine.

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