Cosplay – style that is performance art

Cosplay – style that is performance art

Whether you have heard of Cosplay or not, chances are that you have seen it around somewhere. This is a style that is actually a performance art in itself and those who get it right look very eye-catching indeed.

Cosplay is basically dressing up as a character, be that one of a cartoon, manga, sci fi, movie or gaming creation. The sky’s the limit really. This is where people dress up in a way that looks like a favorite character of theirs, right down to the very last detail. No expense is spared with cosplay style either. Wigs, high boots, elaborate costumes are all part and parcel of this art, and quite a lot of money is spend on getting all of the gear together for the right look, thousands in fact.

Whether cosplay is something you might be into or not, there is no denying, it looks downright impressive and those hours of prep and dressing up really do create an amazing effect. Cosplay has become a subculture in itself with fans meeting in their thousands at conventions throughout the world to don their finery and represent their character.

It began in the ninties and has grown and grown every since. With roots in Japan and the dressed up girls of Tokyo, Cosplay is in pretty much every country in the world now and it’s popularity has not declined in any way. It’s more than a trend these days and is pretty much a social phenomenon. Social networks, websites and other media even have special cosplay communities and activities.

So next time you see someone dressed up as a particular character, bear in mind that this is more than fancy dress. This is an entire movement that is a mark of our times and one that will probably be around into the future.

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