Dealing with eye bags – quickly

Dealing with eye bags – quickly

By now you know that cucumber, teabags and cold spoons work wonders for eye bags. The reality is however, that at 7am you don’t have time to lie around on the couch with your eyes closed. Yet the eye bags are there waiting for you when you wake up.

Luckily, there are a few quick ways to reduce eye bags before you rush out the door in the morning. These are quick, tried and tested methods of making your the final result look better when you put your makeup on – if you have time for makeup that is.

The first remedy can be found at your bathroom sink. Simply turn on the cold tap and splash cold water over the face. The coldness constricts blood vessels and reduces swelling, which is important if you are trying to reduce eye bags before you head out. A few decent splashes of cold water only take a few seconds too which is just what you need first thing. If you can give the eyes a cold water splash from time to time during the day, you can get a nice temporary fix.

Aside from splashing water, drinking it is important too. Not having enough water means your body will start to retain it and that includes under the eyes so a good way to prevent eye bags is to ensure you are adequately hydrated. Eating too much salt will also make you dehydrated and have the same effect as not drinking enough. You can use salt topically to help with eye bags though. Mix a half a teaspoon with a cup of warm water. Dip cotton wool balls into it and apply to the eyelids. If you are in a hurry, make the mixture at work and pop the cotton wool ball under your eye from time to time.

How you sleep also has an effect on eye bags. Keep the head elevated so fluids don’t pool under your eyes, creating puffiness.

So that’s it, sleep high, consider water and salt and you can not only start your day without too much puffiness, but keep it away longer too.

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