Makeup trends for this season

Makeup trends for this season

We all know how good makeup can make us look, so lets see how things are looking if you want to stay on trend this winter.

Elle went in search of the makeup trends for this season and discovered that an interesting pallette awaits us all this year. Plenty of shades and colours are in, so no matter what is lying around in your makeup box, you should have all of the bits and pieces to join in and be right up there with top makeup fashion.

Berry coloured lips seem to be getting a lot of attention, and those berry tones run from pink and red berry hues right through to dark plum. Oxblood is even in there and that hasn’t been around so much for the last while. So there is it, colourful lips are back, berry red.

Gold and silver really made a splash throughout the year, and metallic eyeshadows have been showing up everywhere This season bronze rather than classic gold or silver is making a splash, which is good news for any of us who are feeling a little pasty. Bronzes give a lot of warmth to your face and a healthy glow, so this is a good trend to jump on.

Elle note too that flushed cheeks are becoming all the rage. By this, we don’t mean a dab of blusher at the top of the cheekbone, but a fully fledged blob of rosiness spread around the cheek. The flush you get having been out and about in the winter chill is going to be the look to go for.

Whether you tend to wear makeup every day or not, keeping track of the trends and engaging in a little experimentation is always fun. So dig out those bronzes and blusher, it’s time to get to work.


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