Fashion stores 5 tips for clothes and more

Fashion stores 5 tips for clothes and more

Fashion stores online seem to pop up on the net on a daily, if not weekly basis. With so many opportunities to buy online the ability to make a good choice is becoming more and more difficult. Below we’ve included a top 5 list of online fashion stores that have great clothing!

1 – Stylebop

We recently discovered a load of fashion stores but Stylebop one of the greats that caught our eyes. Stylebop sell luxury fashion, so you’ll find well known designer brands that include Alexander McQueen, Helmut Lang, Burberry and more more. The site sells pretty much everything from clothing to bags and other accessories. They’re also a sale section which might be a good way to get some designer labels at a reduced price.

5 online fashion stores shops for great clothes and more - style.planetfem.comWe noticed discounts of up to 60% and fell in love with this Yves Salmon coat which is currently in sale from $2,645 to $1.322. It’s made of lambs leather so ultra soft! The online shop also sells lingerie. You’ll find bodysuits, garter belts, stockings and more but you can find modest sleepwear in the collection to.

The Stylebop site looks like its targeted to customers in English speaking counties but also available for customers in Germany, France and Japan. We’re not quite sure what happens if you order form a country like Spain or Italy or how long delivery may take but the site does provide you with the option to enter your country and then calculates the prices and delivery costs.


2 – Wolf & Badger 

5 online fashion stores shops for great clothes and more - We love the name but love the site a great deal more. Wolf & Badger is a fashion store made for people who are looking for home-wear, jewelry, clothing, shoes and t-shirts. Strangely enough, the UK based fashion store does have designer labels as well.

We decided to explore the home-wear section and found this amusing lobster apron, which we adore. The apron is designed by Elenor Stuart. She seems to have a thing with animals and you can find her animal prints on plates and as print to hang in your home. Take a look at her octopus apron too which we think is also pretty cute!


 5 online fashion stores shops for great clothes and more - style.planetfem.com3 – Catbird NYC

What do you think about wedding accessories? Whether you’re about to get married or still dreaming of your significant other to pop the question, you’ll find some lovely wedding rings at CatBird and the price looks reasonable too.  We focused for this list purely on the Weddings & Engagement section of the site. The Catbird fashion store has much more to offer in reality such as its beauty section which offers products for face and body, nails, fragrances and make-up. On top of this there a Home & Gift section where you find, logically, products for the home.

If you’re a bit of a magpie then you must take a look at this gorgeous Teardrop Diamond Pavé Ring. It will however set you back for $4.950 but hopefully that significant other of yours thinks your worth it. Bookmark this page, just in case. You never know 😉



5 online fashion stores shops for great clothes and more - style.planetfem.com4 – Umbra

Its not only about clothing and accessories online these days. More and more lifestyle fashion stores are coming about. Much like browsing through your Ikea catalogue as it comes through the door, there are various sites that allow you do to this online too. Take Umbra as an example. The Umbra site is all about contemporary home-lifestyle products. You’ll everything from quirkly kitchen roll holders, jewelry boxes and handy shower accessories for your shower cream and body washes. There’s a practical element to Umbra but not in the Ikea sense of the word. Perhaps a better word to use would be practical simplicity.

During our research, we decided to take a look at the kitchen section of the site and stumbled upon the Finch Sensor Pump – perfect for in the kitchen or bathroom. It needs very little explanation. It’s for washing your hand. Dettol also has something like this but we find this one a tad more beautiful. Priced at €40.00 it isn;t cheap but is a beautiful accessory for the house or office.

5 online fashion stores shops for great clothes and more - style.planetfem.com5 – Omero Home

Yes, it’s the last home-lifestyle site we decide to add to the list.  These types of fashion stores are becoming more and more and we expect to see so niche fashion stores popping up in 2016 too. There are lots of reasons to adore this site aside from the collection. This is one of the few sites that use video as a part of their method of display. Whether you’re buying clothes or a piece of furniture, a video showing all of the dimensions really helps give you a good idea of the product it its entirety. Omero Home even have a video of a collection of bowls they have so you really can see the depth of the bowl which is especially difficult if the bowl is white and taken again a white or light background. We were quite impressed with that detail which is why we think you should take a look at the bowls in motion too.

Omero Home is all about the home as the name gives away. You’ll find products for outside as well as inside and some quite unusual but original home ideas too, like this amazing coral nest. Wouldn’t this look great in your living room of hall way. Its a reminder of warm sunny holiday’s on tropical beaches but it isn’t cheap. Although it isn’t too small (approx. 26 cm) it does cost quite a bit and retails at $199.00. We still think its a nice touch and an original accessory.

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