Fashion trends for 2016

Fashion trends for 2016

You might not have gotten around to thinking about 2016, yet, but the designers have. Here’s what is on their minds.

When it comes to fashion trends for 2016, we generally leave it up to the experts to see what is happening. Vogue has already taken a look at what has been showing up on the catwalks and have identified some of the trends for 2016.

One of the first things they spotted was that bedroom wear is coming out onto the street. Luxurious slip dresses, filled with lace, silk and satin are touted as something we will see a lot of next year.

Hollywood style, expressive clothing is another trend that Vogue has noticed. Bright colours and a mish mash of styles and cuts seem to have been showing up on the catwalk, indicating that we will see them on our high streets in 2016.

The other extreme is apparant in Spring 2016 collections too. Moving from the brash, bolder colours of Hollywood, a series of designers have come up with some very feminine, relaxed pieces. White floral dresses, teamed with flats are the ultimate in feminity and super pretty to look at. It seems that in 2016, romance is back.

Bling is back too, with super shiny materials, brave cuts and sequins galore. If you thought sparkle was not going to be around next year, think again.

Off the shoulder seems to be on for 2016 too. Bared shoulders will be all the rage, a great look for spring.

When spring arrives next year, we will have it all when it comes to fashion. Sparkles, brashness, romanticism, and more. If you want to be right on trend, it’s time to delve into the wardrobe and bring out those pieces that have been hidden for a while. Chances are, when it comes to trends such as wearing bling, you’ve got just the item in there already.

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