Girlie style direct from Tokyo

Girlie style direct from Tokyo

Girlie style has taken a dive in recent generations as homogenous, tailored and sharper looks took centre stage. This is still a style that’s very much alive however, and it comes from Japan to our doorsteps.

When we talk about girlie style we are thinking bubblegum pink, lots of hearts and all the lace and layer filled goodies that make up this unmistakable look. Whilst many of us have ignored girlie style over the years, it’s been alive on the streets of Tokyo and the Japanese have exported this style well beyond their shores. Kawaii means cute in Japanese and this certainly sums up girlie style to a T. It goes beyond the pink and the fluffiness to super girlie icons such as Miffy and Hello Kitty and lately a few Hollywood celebs have been spotted looking very Kawaii indeed.

Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj have all be snapped sporting some very girlie style and they have done pretty well out of it. Ariana Grande has been seen in it too. Aside from making inroads amongst the stars, the girlie look has been showing up on the catwalks too as Japanese designers incorporate this long standing trend from their home country. People seem to like it more and more too as evidenced by the success of Japanese designers such as Keita Maruyama.

Kawaii has come under some criticism from the feminist camp, who feel that women portray the wrong image by being dressed as girls. It’s hard to look stand up when you are covered in frills and Hello Kitty. Yet, many women out there love it so like it or loathe it, you will be seeing girlie style around for a bit – there’s no avoiding it. Who said you clothes need to say who you are anyway? You could be cutsie but one hell of a woman so if you like pink, just go for it.

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