How to make thin hair look thick

How to make thin hair look thick

Women with thin hair often wish to look like they have a thick healthy mane, even for a day. There are some handy tricks you can use to at least create the illusion of thickness.

One handy product to have on hand if you have thin hair is mousse. A good blob of this stuff applied properly will do wonders for the appearance of your hair. The trick is to use it properly, otherwise you end up with a clump of thin hiar strands stuck together. First of all, make the hair damp. Take the mousse and spray a golf ball sized amount into the palm of your hand. Then apply with a comb, by dipping it in the mousse and adding it evenly to the areas that will give your hair the most lift.

Another handy product is coloured dry shampoo. You can spray this on to give your hair a little bump up, but it also prevents too much scalp from being visible. Now here’s another trick, put the dry shampoo on before you go to bed. It gives your hair a bit more time to absorb it and as a result it works even better the next day.

The length of your hair will have an effect on how it looks too. Unfortunately, thin hair cannot accomodate styles that tumble down the shoulders. If you want to have it thicker, you need to have it shorter, so a trip to the hairdresser could be in order.

Whilst most women with thin hair will feel like they have not been naturally blessed, there are a host of products out there that can help them in the battle to get that kind of mane they have always dreamed of. Yes it takes a little longer to get your hair looking it’s best, but when you step out with hair you love, it will be so worth it.

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