How to manage greasy hair

How to manage greasy hair

Greasy hair is simply one of the most un-manageable types. Just when you have gotten it clean and into line, that oiliness comes back and your hair collapses into that flat, limp form you are oh so familiar with.

Whilst greasy hair can be tricky to handle, there’s no reason why you can’t keep it looking its best and that actually begins with how you wash it. We all know that we should not wash our hair everyday, but girls with greasy hair will attest to feeling at their worst if they have not done so. The trick is to try and keep the water as cool as you can, to avoid stimulating the sebaceous glands within the skin from producing more oil. How you shampoo matters too. Don’t just pile your hair on your head and rub suds in, you need to target the scalp. So give the scalp a good massage with each wash and get a little spring back into your hair. Conditioner belongs on the ends of the hair. Make sure you rinse it all out too, if left in it will create limp hair after a short time.

Oil wears the hair down and greasy hair often equals flat hair. Try to work with powders as much as you can as opposed to liquids to combat this. A spray of dry shampoo can tackle the grease but won’t add volume. Just dust a little powder on instead for a better effect.

Styling products get a little gloopy as the day goes on, and when the greasy hair kicks in, all you want to do is give it a wash. If you avoid the super strong versions of sprays and mousses however, you can get the benefits without the stickiness. Look for less heavy versions, maximum hold and such are not necessary, keep it light and oil free.

With greasy hair, you want to brush it all the time too, as this is when it looks a bit more lively. Try to avoid the tempation if you can though, as you spread the oil all around by doing so. If you are living with greasy hair there is no miracle cure in sight yet, but if you are clever you can work with it and make your hair work for you. Give it a try!

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