How to protect your skin against the winter

How to protect your skin against the winter

Winter is hard on your skin and you need to take some extra steps to protect it. When you are out and about it is subject to the ravages of cold, rain and wind, so a little additional work is needed.

The first defence against winter is the moisturise and at this time of the year you will need to up the ante on the moisturiser a little. In fact, your regular moisturiser that does the job for spring or summer might not cut it. What you need is something that is oil based rather than water based as this will lock the moisture deep into the skin. Apply at night for added effect.

Avoid going out with wet of damp skin too as the cold will have a much stronger effect on it. Ensure you shower at least a half an hour before you go outside and dry off if you have gotten caught in the rain.

You may imagine that sunscreen is only for the hotter times of the year, but that is not the case. The sun can cause quite a glare in the winter time, especially if it is reflecting off snow. Get a good SPF on the go and keep it up throughout, especially on days when you know you will be outdoors a lot.

Humidify indoors. This is the time when the heating is generally on, and this dries out your skin quite a lot. If you keep a humidifier on the go you can add that moisture back into the air and give your skin some help.

Finally, drink water. Again, this seems like one you would refer to in the summer time, but it applies just as much, if not more in the winter. The cold is deceptive and you dont feel dehydration kicking in but it does happen and you need to be ready for it.

So, the rule of thumb is not to drop your summer skin protection routine in the winter, if anything you need to bolster it.


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