Slips that let you slip into a bit of luxury

Slips that let you slip into a bit of luxury

Remember the slip, that silky thing that grandma used to wear under skirts? Well, slips never really went out of fashion. They changed style but they are still around in all of their decadent glory.

If you really want to treat yourself then slip into something silky and comfortable. Pleasurements have just the items to treat and tantalise too, with a selection of slips in a range of tones. Here are three from their collection;

The first goodie is the rare slip dress in pink and gold. This slip is from the Marjolaine line and it’s truly a piece of luxury nightwear. This slip, in pink and gold lets you indulge yourself with ultimate romance in a sensational silk slip dress. Luxury and elegance oozes from this very special garment. The combination of rich silk and delicate chantilly lace truly is a knockout. It’s something special for someone special, truly the ultimate luxury nightwear gift to give or to get.

As a nice addition to the slip, you could treat yourself to the Laser Silk Kimono in gold and go for a million dollar look in delicate gold silk. Let yourself adore the feeling of soft silk on your skin and see how silk and gold go together. The comfortable Marjolaine Laser Silk Kimono looks priceless and is a posh mini robe that oozes elegance, luxury, comfort and sultriness. Perfect to turn up the heat on a relaxing night in.

Finally, the Jardin Slip, also from the Marjolaine line, is a vision in gold and black. Why not indulge your inner Diva with something beautiful for the night? The alluring Marjolaine Jardin Slip Dress is luxury nightwear at its very best.

Tantalising, comfy and great on your skin, if you haven’t found a reason to invest in a slip yet, you have a few of them now!

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