Personal style: Allison Hamilton-Rohe’s manifesto (VIDEO)


Personal style: In this week’s episode of Word Up!, we speak with Allison Hamilton-Rohe about personal style. Allison is founder of, a company that specialises in helping women create and define their own authentic look. As a regular (video)blogger, Allison shares many tips to her viewers and readers about how to feel confident and beautiful every day. To top it off, we invite you to watch and listen to her manifesto in this video.

Allison’s company,, isn’t just about the outward appearance of style and style advice. No, Allison goes much deeper and further than that. Her work involves building a valuable relationship with ther clients. Allison work both online and offline, providing workshops, master classes and private coaching sessions. Her aim to to help her clients discover how to translate their needs into a  unique style that’s right for them.  Allison’s objective is to help embrace ones differences in a positive way. By helping her clients translate their uniqueness into an identity and look, Allison’s clients are bound for offers of promotion, proposals and major positive life changes

“Style has no: Age, Size, Color, Gender, Religion”

Making the step towards style

At, visitors are offered a free discovery session to find out what works best for them. Visitors can book a session directly via the website. Personal style and the definition of it doesn’t exclude any profession or status and is not limited to geography. Allison’s client list includes residents of various countries including Switzerland, The Netherlands, the United States and more. Style is for everyone, from corporate executive to the full time mother.

Still on the fence about your personal style? Allison invites you to watch her free video series “Unlock the power of personal style”

Watch our Word Up! episode about how Allison works and to hear her 3 golden tips on how to define your personal style.



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