Preventing split ends

Preventing split ends

Split ends can make your hair look unhealthy. They turn a vibrant strand of hair into something that just fizzles out at the end. Worst of all, they usually break and fall off, so how can you prevent them?

The first thing you need to remember about split ends is that there really is not much you can do to fix them. They usually need to be cut off, so a better course of action is to try and avoid getting them in the first place. A good way to do so is to prevent the hair from getting dry. Shampoo only every second day and use a good conditioner to keep it in shape.

Brushing your hair is good for it, but too much not so. If you tend to back comb it to build up volume, then this is a bigger problem again. Wet hair really stretches too, so try to avoid damaging it by combing when it is wet.

Colours have an impact too, especially colourings high in bleach content. Avoid putting these in  your hair if possible and the ends will stay in better shape.

Hairdryers, straighteners and other heated appliances upset the structure of the hair, drying it out and leading to split ends. Minimise the use of these as much as you can. Also, watch out how many elastics you put in it, opt for softer ones if you are tying it up and pull them out carefully.

Finally, a good diet will fortify your hair from within. Vitamin B is your best friend, so munch on fish and grains and you will be doing your bit to keep split ends at bay.

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