Retro beauty tips from the screen legends

Retro beauty tips from the screen legends

Retro beauty tips apply as much in a modern context as they did when icons like Grace Kelly graced the screens. Back in the eighties all we ever heard about was Sofia Loren’s beauty secrets, so let’s take a look at why that was.

Dragging up retro beauty tips is always a good idea. Many of the ladies that swore by them may not be on our silver screens anymore, but back in the day, they truly worked. In fact, it could be argued that retro beauty tips could save you a lot of time, chemicals and money, whilst achieving the same effect.

On of the main defences that Sofia Loren selected against ageing was olive oil. She put it on her face daily, even added the stuff to her bath, to achieve a smooth, blemish free complexion. To this day, many meditteranean women follow the same practice and there’s no denying how good those ladies look. Take another look at your bottle of olive oil, there’s more to it than cooking.

The stars of the silver screen often kept it simple too, using natural tones to accentuate their natural beauty. Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn did this very well, so much so that their faces are still seen all around to this day.

Focus on the lashes and brows. This would be one of the top retro beauty tips. Take a look at any of the former screen godesses, they’ve all done it to T. Elizabeth Taylor, with her well defined brows is just one example of how striking you can look when you pay attention to the eye area. Audrey Hepburn’s carefully applied false lashes helped to create that doe-eyed appearance she is so famed for.

It’s not about selecting the most expensive make-up or going through heavy beauty routines, then. If you are gond to do it the retro way, all you need is a good dollop of olive oil, and steady hand and a good idea of what your best feaures are. Easy, and it works, so let’s go retro!

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