So what should we do with those cuticles?

So what should we do with those cuticles?

Cuticles – whether to tamper with them or not has been the subject of debate for a while now. Should we tidy them up, or should we leave them alone?

Generally, a lot of us handle our own cuticles, with disastrous results. Scraping them back roughly or even cutting them off is a bad idea. When you cut, things grow back and when it comes to cuticles, they don’t grow back in a good way either. In fact, if you want to keep them looking sleek and not too noticeable, keeping the clippers away is the first step.

Why are they even there? To protect us it seems. Cuticles act as a seal, blocking infection from getting in around our finger nails. They seem quite irrelevant, but they actually do a stellar job, so we need to look after them. A trip to the nail salon will help to keep cuticles in check, but watch out for how they handle them. If constant clipping is part of the programme then you need to find a salon where they take a gentler approach.

The idea is not to remove or cut, but to gently push back for a smoother effect. Cuticles need not to be removed, but simply tidied up. You don’t need a salon for this either, you can do it at home. Soak your hands in warm, moisturised water for a few minutes and your prep is done. Have your cuticle tool at the ready and when they are soft, take the cuticle pusher and gently push them back. What you want is not a complete removal, but a smoother, more even effect.

When you are done pushing them back, apply some nail moisturising cream and finish off with hand cream. That is all you need to do. These little parts of your nail are your friends, so why not work together for healthy nails that are fully protected?

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