Style of the sixties

Style of the sixties

It has not been around for a while now, but the style of the sixties is still as iconic as it ever was. This was an iconic era where the mini dress came into it’s own and where bold statement prints sprang out form every article of clothing.

There can be no denying, the sixties was an eyecatching time, both in terms of the cut and style of clothing and the colours and prints that went on them. It’s a unique era in fashion and one that was so good, we can’t really let go of it. And why should we? There are a million reasons to get out there and strut your sixties style. The great news is, you will look fab doing so too if you get it right.

So what constitutes sixties style? What items should you have in your wardrobe if you want to pull this look off? There are a few trademarks staples that you need to look out for and one of the more prominent ones is the mini skirt. Bold, colourful and super short, this screams sixties. Aside from this you need to think A-line. This word has awful connontations, until you put it into sixties format. Then it takes on a whole new level of coolness.

Prints and colours abound with this style too. Check print, crazy swirls and strong stripes are part and parcel, alongside a bright splodge of colour here and there. Monochrome is a must and you need at least a few such items. For footwear, a little block heel and pointed toes will be just the ticket to taper off that A line frame.

Jewellery is big and bold too and the more dramatic the earrings the better. This combination of chaotic colouring and structured cuts is what makes this era what it was, and what it is today. You might not have been around at the time, but the sixties is still there whenever you need it.

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