Super winter style tips

Super winter style tips

Winter is here, but that’s no reason to think you need to walk around in a bulky, un-stylish fashion. You can look great in winter wear, it’s all about wearing things the right way.

There are a few tricks to ensuring your style does not go out the window during winter and they are surprisingly simple. By playing around with what you wear, you can create a fantastic look to love and be proud of.

One of the hottest winter wear tips, and trends, out there at the moment is the act of layering. A skirt can go over a pair of trousers, a shirt can hang down from a crop top, a polo neck can stick out from a jumper and it can all look good. What you need to do is to learn how to do it right. Layering is what you do to keep warm normally anyway, so tweak this a bit and it will make you look good too.

Get great boots, in a selection of colours. Whether they are to the knee, above the knee or ankle height, they will round off any outfit nicely and ensure that you add a smart touch to whatever you are wearing.

Try something new too. Are you generally not a faux fur fan? Do you avoid leather as a rule? Well it’s winter now so these warming materials are just the ticket. Rug up and get the look right at the same time and discover a whole new way of dressing that you never tried before.

Don’t be afraid of colour either. There’s no reason why you should not don a bright red coat and some snazzy boots. Get out of your comfort zone and brighten up everyone else’s day at the same time.

Winter is not about drab blues and greys, it’s a season all of its own and a veritable time to experiment too, so start planning now.


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