The Christmas sweater conundrum

The Christmas sweater conundrum

Reindeers, snowmen, christmas puds, the ubiquitous Christmas sweater has them all, at least one worth its salt does. It seems like more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon, but the truth is that retailers find it hard to shift these items.

The Christmas sweater used to be the butt of many a joke. This was the unwanted gift from auntie that never got worn and that one had to feign delight in receiving. Then at some point, people felt that they were so cheesy, they actually became cool. In recent years, folks have gone to major extremes, donning sparkles, glitter and even fairy lights to have the best Christmas sweater on show and the truth is, this embarrassing garment could actually make you the talk of the town – in a good way.

The Christmas sweater became the de facto gift that people wanted to get, and one that people loved to give. Sales jumped in high street stores all over the place and the level of imagination and creativity in the sweaters grew each year. One issue with this festive goodie however, is that we really only need one each. This item has a good joke value and can be the talking point in the office or at a party, but we rarely don them more than a day or two during the festive season. One simply does not need (or have the space for) a whole host of Christmas sweaters in the wardrobe, so once you have bought or been given one, that is pretty much that. For manufacturers and shops this presents a bit of a problem, most buy them one time around and then not again after that, meaning the market for this is not a huge one.

Limited it may be in terms of something to go into business with, the Christmas sweater is cute and fun, so wear the one you have with pride, you never know, one day they could be a thing of the past.

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