The fashion of eyebrows – down through the years

The fashion of eyebrows – down through the years

At the moment, we love heavier eyebrows. Thick brows, a la Delevigne are all the rage. Thicker brows can make you look younger too, but it wasn’t always like that.

Down through the years our eyebrows have gotten thicker, thinner, higher and lower, depending on the trend at the time. Whilst it might seem like heavy eyebrows have always been the way to go, fifteen years ago, you would have thought differently, in fact tiny brows have been all the rage before – and more than once.

Back in the the twenties and thirties, thick brows were out and it was thin all the way. From there eyebrows got heavier and lighter, back and forth according to the latest look, movie star, or tweezing frenzy. The twenties was a time of plucking and arching. Brows were made super thin and then a pencil was used to shape them as the women of the day wanted. 

In the forties, brows got a little thicker and by the time Audrey Hepburn hit the screen in the 50’s they were positively furry. Hepburn’s eyebrows were one of her main features and one of the main focusses of her look. Throughout the sixties, strong eyebrows reigned and famed beauties brought them to a whole new dimension by sculpting them in a way that was never done before. Throughout the seventies, women such as Liz Taylor brought arching to a new level with her signature brows. In the eighties it good a little unkempt and natural, and the arching and tweezing took a back seat for a while.

Then in the ninties things got a little thinner again. The arches were back and the tweezers were out. This continued until the noughties when we found our brows again. This trend took off and to this day, heavy is good. Who knows what the next generation will bring?

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