The Most Iconic Scarlett O’Hara Outfits

The Most Iconic Scarlett O’Hara Outfits

‘Gone with the Wind’ is a legendary book, and an even more legendary movie. The epic historical novel dealing with the American Civil War and its aftermath through the point of view of a Southern belle has been read and loved by generations, and the movie (which won 10 Academy Awards) has been considered a masterpiece ever since it came out. Everything about it is iconic, and the outfits worn by the protagonists are not an exception.

They add a special flavour to every scene, and often say a lot about a particular moment or a character. The best example of it is the main character and an absolute fashion icon, Scarlett O’Hara, played by absolutely amazing Vivian Leigh. Her outfits are absolutely breathtaking and many have become iconic and recognizable even by the people who have never watched the movie.

Pale green barbecue dress

One of the main plot lines of the movie is Scarlett’s (unfortunate) obsession with Ashley Wilkes. At the start of the movie, when she finds out he is going to announce his engagement to another girl at his family’s barbecue the day after, she decides to try to ‘get’ him there before that happens, and to wear a slightly scandalous dress with open shoulders and showing off some cleavage, which is not supposed to be done before the afternoon. It is the dress in which she meets Rhett Butler, the man she realizes she actually loves way too late, for the first time, and that she is wearing when the Civil War starts.

Green curtain dress

The most iconic dress in the whole movie, and probably one of the most iconic ones in the whole history of film, Scarlett’s green dress made out of her mother’s curtains is way more than just a dress. It shows everything that Scarlett is – her resourcefulness, decisiveness, courage, and how far she is ready to go to save her family’s plantation, Tara (as her plan is to seduce Rhett to get the money she needs). She is desperate, and in a terrible financial situation, but she is going like a general into the battle, her dress being her armour.

Red birthday party dress

During almost the entire length of the movie, Scarlett chases Ashley in one way or another, and nobody has any idea. But the one time when they actually platonically hug, people see them and it causes a huge issue with Rhett for Scarlett, as she is married to him by then. He forces her to wear a daring and revealing red dress to Ashley’s birthday party, to go in there like a sacrifice to lions who are just waiting to attack her (although it does not turn out that way in the end), and yet, Scarlett looks proud and unyielding. Many people do not like her as a character, but in the scene when the door of the Ashley’s house open, and she stands there like a queen, looking them all in the eyes, one simply must admire her.

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