There’s more than you think to the hairdryer

There’s more than you think to the hairdryer

The hairdryer has moved out of the commodity world to become a viable piece of tech all on its own. You don’t just grab it to dry off your tresses anymore, you go through a selection process to find the right one for you.

If you thought that the humble hairdryer is just a gadget that blows out hot air, think again. With the introduction of new technologies, these items have changed quite a bit and you can even find a model that suits your hair and your lifestyle.

It turns out that any hairdryer that works with 1870 watts or more will get that hair dry, so you don’t really need to go to all the trouble. If you really want to find the model for your however, you need to do a bit of homework.

You can opt to speed things up a bit by getting a hairdryer that uses ionic technology. It basically dries your hair faster, a lot faster. This is great if you have a thick mane of hair, but for those with thinner tresses, you might want to bring the power down a little. You don’t need it to get the hair dry and the excess power could damage it. In fact, those with thinner hair should consider only applying heat to areas you want to style and keeping the general effect a cooler one.

If you want to avoid a hot blast of air on one particular part of your hair at any time, why not go ceramic. These hairdryers dispers the heat a little better and are therefore more gentle. Aside from going ceramic, you can reduce the intensity of the heat on your air by moving the hairdryer around all the time while you are drying it. This is a simple technique that works.

So now you know what’s out there, it’s time to see what is for you, and a good place to start is by taking a good look at your hair, that will show you the way to go.

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