Lookbooks from Mango

Lookbooks from Mango

Mango have some great look books on their website at the moment. They’ve combined an assortment of their new range to make some amazing outfits.

Shirt bottoms peeking out, cuffs coming out from under sleeves and flat brogues all make for an all-round emancipated, care-free look. They’ve matched some great pieces together to give a real city look that comes across as casual, yet smart at the same time.

Checked blouses are in their collection, alongside checked skirts, trousers, and those wonderful flat and funky shoes that are making themselves seen in recent collections from a variety of designers.

For just under €50, this long cardigan with matching scarf is available. It’s really in tune with the swathes of material that are popular now and of course, it’s super snuggly for those cold Winter evenings. It’s available in one colour – grey, which should go with most hues and styles. Mango have created an interesting combination of mini skirt and shirt with this cardigan, which looks great. It’s good old cable knit, and is a wool blend, with 30% wool. It includes the rib knit scarf – note all the chunky style knits for added warmth. Being a V-neck, you can show off your nice top underneath. A button front closure allows you to button up, and the two patch pockets and long sleeves make this a classic cardie you will be proud (and comfortable) wearing.

Mango are great for providing an affordable way to wear the latest fashion, and the styles they have created for this season are great. A quick browse through their lookbooks will provide some valuable inspiration if you are seeking a way to spruce up your look this season – in a way that won’t break the bank either. It’s worth a look!

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