Ways to get rid of broken veins on your face

Ways to get rid of broken veins on your face

Broken veins can be covered with make up, but wouldn’t it be nicer to not have them there at all? If this is an issue that concerns you, there are a few ways to get them removed.

Your first port of call in dealing with broken veins would most likely be a dermatologist. They have all of the information relating to skin blemishes and how to remove them. One option is laser treatment, whereby a concentrated beam of energy targets the broken capillaries under the skin, one by one, to remove them. Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a similar option, but it works over a broader area of the skin. Try to find someone who comes recommended and ask them about whether this treatment would work for you.

It’s not just as simple as signing up with the deramatologist however, there are some things you need to bear in mind if you are going to laser away your broken veins. First of all, you can’t have too much tan at the time as the laser will be searching for the darker vein in order to take it out. After you have done the treatment, you need to stay out of the sun too, so you won’t be hitting the beach right afterwards. There might be some side effects such as a little redness or swelling where you get it done, so if you are going to be somewhere you want your face to be at it’s best, you need to get the timing right.

Sometimes skin damage occurs or skin gets too much pigment, so you need to talk carefully with your consultant before starting anything.

You can help your skin along too by making sure you get plenty of vitamin C and slap on some aloe vera before you go to bed. This will strengthen your skin and help prevent future broken veins from appearing. It’s possible to get rid of them, but do your homework first, and you will get the results you are after.

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