What’s your hair type?

What’s your hair type?

If you are wondering what your hair type is, there are a few quick ways to find out. When you know what you are dealing with, washing, styling and caring for it can be done in a more effective way.

Have you found yourself changing your mind constantly about what your hair type might be? One day you think it’s fine, the next you might be thinking it’s more medium in thickness. Knowing the thickness of your hair and your hair type in general will help you decide on which shampoo and conditioner to buy. It wil also help pinpoint things you need to look out for, like how much you should blow dry your hair, or what styling products will or won’t work out.

To see how thick your hair is, simply put it in a pony tail. Tie it up using a regular elastic hair bobbin and see how many times you need to twist to close it up. If you only need to twist the elastic once, you have pretty thick hair, lucky you. Twice means medium and if the elastic goes around three times or more, you are dealing with fine hair. This will have implications for the products you use. Certain mousses or gels just don’t work on fine hair, you may need a stronger product for a heavy head of hair, but when you know this, you know what to buy.

The oiliness of your hair can be seen in how often you need to wash it. If you find that it needs a wash every day, then your hair type is an oily one. Normal hair can go to at least every second day, and dry hair takes even longer to get oily. Armed with this information, you can decide on how much conditioner you use and where you apply it on the hair. Oily hair for example just needs it on the ends.

Before you hit the shops for your hair care products, think a little about your hair type. Then match this up with what you buy and maximise the results.


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