Why style matters – and fashion not so much

Why style matters – and fashion not so much

Style is not fashion. They are not the same thing. Style is so much more personal and customised, whilst fashion is the complete opposite. Fashions come and go and some you can join in better than others, your style however is yours for keeps, and that’s the grea thing about it.

Ever felt like you are not really fashionable? So what! That does not really matter actually. If you know your own style you are already on track to looking your best. Many don’t realise this and feel bad that they are not up to date with the latest look, but if you have gotten your style down, fashion almost becomes irrelevant. The problem with the latest items that the fashion houses put out there is that they often look great on super slender six foot models, but just not the same on the rest of us.

Our body shapes and sizes differ enormously and that makes it hard for any particular fashion to look great on all of us. One size literally does not fit all. What does fit everyone however is their distinctive sense of what they like and who they are. Your personal style should reflect this and take into account what really looks good on you. If you have wider hips, shorter legs, or larger arms, you may have a way of dressing that makes you feel more confident.

The other thing about style is that it can evolve with your life’s experiences. How you dress can reflect not only who you are but who you have become. Fashion, dictated by people who don’t even know you fails to do this. You style is more than just a passing fad, it’s a reflection of you, where you are in life and the person who you feel you are. So throw out the fashion mags and take a good look in the mirror, that’s your blank canvas, now dress it up and see how great it looks.


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