Why women over 40 cannot have long hair

Why women over 40 cannot have long hair

Most people would say that for every woman, there comes a time in her life when long hair is a no-no. Is this really the case, or should we just ignore the nay sayers?

There can be no denying that long hair gets harder to look after over 40, yet some women like Jennifer Lopez carry it off beautifully. So what is the secret to getting long hair to look good at the point when it might be thinning or not as glossy as it used to be? Unfortunately, a lot of it has to do with your genes. Some women are simply blessed with great, volumous hair that looks good not matter what age they are. Even a little thinning does not detract from the wonderful mane they were born with. Thinner haired ladies however might struggle a little as the ends become increasingly fragile and long hair only serves to accentuate how thin it is.

Many reasons are given as to why women should hit the scissors at mid life. For one, long hair drags your face downwards, emphasising any drop in the facial area. If you have a narrow face shape, this can become even more pronounced.

Yet, some women look fab with long hair, even at 50 and beyond. If long hair is for you, then here are some ways to have it looking it’s best as it sits on your shoulders.

Highlights can add depth and volume to your hair, as can layers. Layers will also prevent it from sagging down at the ends and add a little lift and bounce. You will need to fight the frizz and now is the time to invest in a good conditioner too. A healthy diet rich in protein will also help maintain your hair form within and keep it looking it’s best.

It’s a bit more work, there can be no doubt, but if you can crack the long hair over 40, you may get at least another decade of loving this look, and if you feel like it, even longer!

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